About us

Chester Loans is all about bridging the gap, upsetting norms and going beyond the call of duty to ensure that UK customers with a poor credit rating get access to affordable logbook loans. We strive to empower, enlighten and assist our customers understand the value of taking out affordable logbook loans. Since inception, our sole objective has been to change the lives of many bad credit UK citizens through provision of easily accessible and affordable logbook loans. We are a reputable and trusted UK logbook loan lender that has been tried, tested and found able to change the lives of many UK residents reeling from bad credit.

It doesn’t matter what state your credit score is in, how many times you’ve been turned away or how many defaults you’ve had in the past. Chester Loans is about giving you a new lease of life, a new beginning, an opportunity to right your financial situation without being judged based on your credit score. We aspire to impart knowledge and help the bulk of our UK customers make informed choices that will ultimately improve their credit rating in the long run.

So long as you own a car in your name and running through some financial problems, you can be rest assured that Chester Loans will help you get the financial help you need. We are honest, above board, professional in every sense of the word and endeavour to bring about a change in an industry that has in the past been demonised for exploitation of its customers. Our customer personnel represent our values as a service provider and always go beyond the call of duty to ensure that your expectations are not only met but also exceeded.