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Are you bitter, stressed out and feel as if you are between a rock and a hard place? Is your credit score the bane of all your problems at least when it comes to getting financial assistance from lenders? Have your efforts to avail a loan come to naught no matter how many times you try? Do lenders give your application one glance and toss it in the dust bin simply because you have a poor credit rating? If you’ve nodded in the affirmative to all the above, its time you tried out Chester Loans and take out an affordable logbook loan without any hassles.

Chester Loans continues to be a reputable, trusted and highly regarded UK logbook loan lender from the very first time we started offering logbook loans in the UK market. Our philosophy is in helping every single UK citizen with a poor credit rating get an affordable loan secured on car. We understand that mainstream lenders ask for a lot when it comes to avail cash for emergency purposes and that is why we started operations to fill the vacuum.

As the name implies, the logbook loans we offer is generally secured on your car logbook. In other words, we take your car logbook and advance you cash for an agreed period of time and release it back to you when you clear the amount advanced together with interest. The beautiful thing about our logbook loans is that we do not castigate you based on your past financial history or the state of your credit rating. In fact, we can dare say that our product is specifically designed for individuals whose credit score is below average.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been rejected, how many times you’ve been told you can’t avail a loan based on your credit score or from which part of the UK you come from. At Chester Loans, we can say without any fear of contradiction that we’ve got you covered. Provided that you are a UK citizen, owns a car in good condition, and can provide proof of income, be rest assured that we shall be able to process your loan request without bringing about the issue of your credit rating.

So what makes us different from other UK logbook loan lenders? Why should you do business with us today? What gives us a competitive edge? For starters, we at Chester Loans are all about honesty. We do not beat around the bush or try to feed our customers false information with the goal of misleading them and making profits. From the onset, we explain to our customers what logbook loans are, how they can be of benefit to them in the long run, the risks and so on and so forth.

Secondly, we always try to put ourselves in your shoes and help you avail a loan even if you have a history of defaults. Our key objective is not to demonize you, stress you out but rather make you feel welcome, valued and appreciated. We understand that some financial problems are actually beyond a person. In that regard, we give you financial advice, encourage you and explain to you how a logbook loan can change your current situation if utilised well.

Thirdly, the logbook loans we offer are affordable, easily accessible and processed within the shortest time possible. You definitely do not want a situation whereby you urgently need money but the processing of the loans takes ages. At Chester Loans, we promise you efficiency, great customer service, honesty, affordability and professional guidance that many other UK logbook loan lenders don’t. Try us today and you will be surprised at how fast you can leverage your car and get the emergency cash you need within hours!